Hello loves,

We are back and this time stronger than ever. We have worked hard on this for a long time to bring you our latest creations and hope that you will love them as much as we do! Check out our new goodies and style them to your liking with our bangin' jewellery. 

All pieces are designed by Mikuta and produced in Portugal with 100% BCI cotton.

-Lots of love xx MIKUTA


During these past few months we have had the opportunity to create something we have dreamed of for quite some time now. We proudly present the latest additions to the Mikuta family: THE SWEATER & THE SHIRT DRESS !

Inspired by the flowy and relaxed lifestyle of the Mediterranean islands in combination with the messy and chaotic life of a Metropolitan we wanted to create products that fit every modern women. We designed items that are great for most occasions and more importantly - boost your confidence! We believe that all of us need a glimpse of Rock’n’Roll in our lives which is why all of our pieces have a little spice of just that!