Product Care


Cotton can be washed by hand and machine. If you’re prone to not see any shrinking of the clothes hand washing is recommended. The heat from the washer can cause shrinking. However, clothes can still be washed but to avoid garments from shrinking and to keep them in their original size, wash at 30°.
To prevent damage, snagging and twisting to clothes, put delicate items in a mesh bag during machine cycles. 
For best results stains should be pretreated before washing. Put a small amount of a stain remover on the affected area. For darker pieces, patch test on an inside seam to check the colour won’t be affected.

To prevent clothes from shrinking and to save energy, hang the clothes rather than drying them. The heat from the dryer can cause shrinking. Hanging the clothes will also possibly avoid creases so ironing isn’t necessary. 

Ironing can be avoided when hanging the clothes, but is possible anyways. Iron on high heat while the fabric is still damp. Use steam as necessary.