The Me-Necklace
The Me-Necklace
The Me-Necklace
The Me-Necklace

The Me-Necklace

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"Dear me,
you are amazing, beautiful and strong,
no need to prove yourself to anyone. 
Don't get lost in comparing yourself to others,
we all have stuff that bothers.
Work on you for you - and for no one else,
no one understands and knows you better than yourself.
The only persons acceptance you need is yours,
because bullsh*t is over.
 xx me ♥"


Chunky necklace with "Me ♥" pendant.

The Me necklace is a "nicer" version of the F*necklace and stands for self love!

While the F*Necklace is a reminder to not care about what other people think, the Me necklace is a reminder to not compare yourself to others, be yourself, know your strengths and follow your heart!

The necklace has a length of 47,5cm.
Made of stainless steel for long durability.
Made in Germany.
Can be worn in water.
Believe in yourself and go for it!